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Where is MT VIKOS Cheese made?
Our Feta and Kasseri cheese is produced in the Thessaly and Macedonia Region of Greece. Our Halloumi cheese is produced on the island of Cyprus.
What type of rennet is used in your cheeses?
Our Feta and Halloumi use microbial rennet. Our Kasseri uses animal rennet.
Are MT VIKOS cheeses gluten-free?
Yes, all of our cheeses are gluten-free.
Are MT VIKOS cheeses vegetarian?
All of our cheeses are vegetarian except for Kasseri.
How long can I keep cheese, once it is opened?
It really depends on how you plan on storing it. Our recommendation is to wrap opened cheese tightly in plastic wrap, and it should keep about a month in the refrigerator. However, the smaller the piece of cheese - the shorter the shelf-life, so use any opened cheese as soon as possible, for the best quality and freshness.
How does Kasseri Cheese differ from Feta Cheese?
A different culture and cooking method is used during the cheese-making process. It is not placed in a brine solution for aging.
Does the MT VIKOS Feta have any risk for cross-contamination with cow’s milk?
There is no risk whatsoever of cross-contamination with cow’s milk, as we use only sheep and goat’s milk in our facility.
Is the milk used for MT VIKOS cheese pasteurized?
The milk is always pasteurized before the cheese is made.

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