Skewered fresh pineapple and our Halloumi Cheese grilled to perfection.


Halloumi Cheese from Cyprus

The Cypress Mediterranean climate, soil composition, herb bushes, wild natural spices, and native grasses provide the best grazing land for the free-ranging sheep and goats for Mt. Vikos® Halloumi Cheese. These pastures make the milk flavorful and distinctive, which has made Mt. Vikos Cypress Houlloumi recognized as one of the world's finest cheeses.

Halloumi (Greek: χαλλούμι) is the grilling Cheese of Greece, handmade on the island of Cyprus. It is manufactured from a mixture of goat’s and sheep milk, cooked in the whey to give it the rubbery texture, much like mozzerella and then sprinkled with salt. Fresh mint is then folded into the center of the halloumi, which gives it the unique flavor, when done it is stored in salted whey.

It has a high melting point, and so can easily be fried or grilled to give it that distinct brown appearance. Halloumi can also be eaten as a table cheese, boiled in soups, broiled, or is perfect in salads or with fruit.

Mt.Vikos Halloumi is protected by the Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO).

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Barrel-Aged Feta Cheese

Our Barrel-Aged Feta (Greek: φέτα) Cheese comes from high in the mountains of Thessaly and Macedonia, sheep and goats feed on local grasses, wild herbs, and flowers. The resulting fresh milk makes Mt. Vikos cheeses exceptional. Mt. Viko's Barrel-Aged Feta is made from fresh milk of free-ranging sheep and goats. This feta cheese is made during months when grasses are green for a sweet flavor. Authentic Barrel-Aged Feta from Greece is very rare in the USA. Mt. Vikos Barrel-Aged Feta is made in a traditional manner by a small family dairy in central Greece. The feta is molded into large round forms, which is then stacked into 120 lb. barrels. The cheese ages in these wood barrels for four months, allowing the cheese to become complex and rich in flavor. The texture of the cheese is compact, slightly crumbly and creamy. The flavor is creamy, slightly tangy, and it tastes like sweet milk. You can taste it. Many people who never liked feta cheese love Mt. Vikos!

Mt. Vikos Feta contains no preservatives, additives, or calcium chloride.

Mt. Vikos Barrel-Aged Feta is protected by the European Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO).

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